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Face & Presence Dectection Device

  • The Calista proudly announces the release of Automatic Motion Detection & Security Alert Camera System 1.0.The Security Cam 1.0 is an embedded system. It is specially developed for ATM, any surveillance and motion action monitoring system. This system identify all motion in all type of lighting (day/night). If any motion detected, immediately it will do image processing and identifies the detection of human or object. The main objective for the system security cam is to monitor and guide the user of ATM.
  • When a user walks in to ATM center, immediately the system will monitor the motion from the camera and takes a snap of the person or object. The snap will be sent to image processing system which is built-in with the system and it will identify the persons face and eyes.
  • If it identifies the face and eyes then it will send a message to server that “Welcome”.
  • If the eyes are detectable then it will ask the user through voice message to “Remove sunglass or helmet” and the message will be sent to server also.
  • If the system unable to identify eyes and face then it will play “Unable to Identify” message.
  • If more than one person entered ATM, then the system will alert as “Enter one by one” and sends the message to server also.
  • If Camera is closed by hacker it will send a message to server that “Camera Hacked “.We can provide you the solution as per the requirement.