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The business philosophy of Calista is a blend of genuine commitment, warm customer service and top notch high quality display products.

We deliver highly customized digital display products and services to our customers that present them business benefits including but not limited to enhanced brand promotions, a corporate identity of high repute and increased profitability. From the modern digital rostrums in educational institutions to large screen digital display terminals in malls and movie theatres, and in places where people gather we are capable of presenting a scintillating audio visual feats to the target audience.

Our digital display products and services will truly be an amazing multi-media audio visual experience for the viewers.

Corporate Communication

Conveying right information to the right people that too in right manner is one of the biggest challenges that corporate world faces.

Corporate communication has to be of supreme quality for employees to understand the company correctly and for flawless recognition of an organization's culture, brand identity and product promotion.

Implementation of training programs through conferencing network would necessitate a highly technological communication media like interactive digital displays.


Digital displays are important components where high quality learning environment is wanted.

From class rooms to library, interactive/non-interactive digital displays would add excellent value to the learning system.

Retail Industry

Digital displays are probably the best way to woo your customers. They are the perfect high-tech platform to present the customers a wonderful experience all through the buying process.

It helps customer make informed decisions very enthusiastically. Retailers benefits from digital displays are a lot and imminent.

Hospitality Industry

Ever competitive hospitality industry surely warrants incorporation of digital displays in their marketing and promotional efforts.

Conference rooms to shopping spots, the presence of interactive/non-inte- ractive digital displays would add a new dimension to the customer experi- ence and win favourable response from them that too instantly.


To provide patient registration information, doctors' schedule and the necessary medical news and information, digital displays are indeed mandatory in a hospital environment to add values to the traditional services offered by the hospitals.

Graphic Designing

Calista is a large team with great talent and experience in the areas of Illustration, Graphic Designing, Web Designing, Flash, 2D Animation, 3D Modeling/Animation / Visual Effects/ Post Production/ Concept Art/Technical Illustration/Flash Applications and Flash Commercials etc These are the core areas of digital media.

Calista strongly believes that they are capable of manage anything fall in above mentioned areas on the base of their technical skills, vision, creativity and hard work.

Our creative team, each an expert in their areas of specialization. Our team includes a bunch of creative designers, specifically fine-art students who got hooked to digital interactive media. Our aim is to be creative, think beyond and dare to do something different.

Banking Sector

High degree of brand competitiveness can be achieved by using digital displays in the banking industry.

Such incorporation of digital display panels invite benefits like improved brand promotion, efficient system integration, enhanced counter services etc.

IT Infrastructure Services

Today's ever changing business environments necessitates incorporation of dynamic IT infrastructure solutions that meet the complex spectrum of business needs.

Calista has the requisite knowledge, industry experience and the skill set to deliver you reliable and cost-effective IT infrastructure services that would benefit you by improving business performance and aligning the emerging technology with business operations ensuring long term success.


We specifically design hardware and the support application that fits your unique purpose. We present colourful and attractive touch screens which are shiningly bright.

Our experience and expertise enable us to provide you quality applications with features like 'attract loop' and 'email me' and rich graphical interface for your touch screen kiosk.

Our touchscreen applications create hit counter, when someone touches the screen and it will help you statistically analyse your viewership and usage of the kiosk machine.

All our products possess green credentials. They all operate on low power and can be on/OFF automatically based on preset time schedule.


Calista creative studio is skilled in design, fabrication and installation of innovative hi-tech digital displays and branded environments.

We are specialized in creating customized designs for LCD/Kiosk stands (using ACP-Aluminium Composite Panel sheets) that blend with your brand identity.