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Real-Time Production Monitoring Digital Display System

Our Real-time Digital  Display /LED serves as a rugged, factory floor Andon system, with real-time production status indication to alert product performance to workers and supervisors.

The CALISTA specially designed  Digital Display/LED is easy to install directly on operator workstations or automated machinery, and the wireless remote control unit enables easy setup. where clear and easy to understand information is quickly accessible.
Display correct measurement of Real time plan as per Cycle Time
Measure Production & Productivity Live production display

  • Retrieving Signal from Counter Module.
  • Direct PLC connectivity automates data collection
  • Display Content
  • Actual live item count.
  • Generate Alarm message while count delay.
  • General Stock information.
  • Security information.
  • Display layout as per the requirement.
  • Storage Data for per hour or shift .
  • E-Mail alert.
  • Improve Manufacturing Productivity
  • Reduce Down Time
  • Real-time Production Monitoring
  • Large Digital Displays/LED/Video wall
  • Easy Installation

Use Digital Display  signs in your factory to:

  • Communicate essential health and safety information to keep your people safe, reduce downtime and improve productivity
  • Relay real time production data - so your production teams can manage resources more effectively and meet their targets
  • Influence and motivate - use your LED display or flat panels  signs to inject the urgency and passion into your team that will drive them to do more
  • Inform your people - and show you're meeting your legal obligations and quality measures

Calista Digital Display  are easily programmable so you can change information simply and swiftly. And all signs are ultra-bright - so your message will always have impact.The choice is yours, we can write software and  customize hardware to meet with your exacting needs.