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Innovative touch screen kiosk

It is generally used in the public places Education, Banks, Health care, Entertainment, Shopping malls, Corporate and Sports and other business places. It is easy to set up Horizontal or vertical touch LCD panels, which is applicable to many sites.

Using our experience of creating systems for information service we have developed both application and touchscreens hardware which are designed specifically. Our application is bright, colorful and intuitive with an emphasis on keeping things simple. Simple for the user, but powerful for the system administrator with advanced reporting tools and sophisticated management console.

Our touchscreen display and application provides you with a colorful and attractive touchscreen based system to enable your visitors to call the person they have come to visit. Not only that, but the system also includes flash-based messaging and the ability to present the users with web content while they are waiting.

Applications for touchscreen kiosk with rich graphical and interactive manner are developed and delivered as per client request.