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Exclusive interactive display for property developers

Calista provide Screen technology from video wall to 19 inches and above Horizontal or vertical touch LCD panels with system integrated which is applicable to promote the property developers brand and property portfolio. The property developers sector has been one of the quickest industries to embrace display technology and as such the systems and technology used has changed dramatically from the Flash and PowerPoint systems that used to be so common.

The property developers need to ensure their brand is promoted in the best possible technology as well as ensuring that all of the technology they use can be interactive. Nearly all of this technology can be put to use on the developers website but it is most certainly not the only place it should be utilized. Calista work hard to ensure that all of the available technology can be used and displayed on screen in a manner that is consistent with your brand and also provide viewers real time information on your current portfolio or marketing campaigns. All of our systems can be controlled remotely as well so you can edit and publish new content to the screens from Head Office, Local office or anywhere else in the world.