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Calista Digital Signage Player

Android based CALISTA  digital signage player  will allow anyone to display the full scale HD digital signage just like a normal signage player, at a fraction of the cost."  it can then be directed to a CALISTA Enterprise server. The player will connect over the Internet( It support 3G DATA card ) to receive any scheduled content that may be assigned to play.
CALISTA player will have the same capabilities as any normal digital signage player, including but not limited to scheduling, reporting, monitoring of content.

As well as retrieving online dynamically changing XML, RSS text, and video streams and supports playback the most of video formats-1/2/4 H.264,WMV,AVI,MKV,VC 1080P,SWF,FLV,JPG,BMP etc

Using the device's WiFi connection, CALISTA PLAYER will download and cache its media locally, thus saving on bandwidth. Many Android devices now include an HDMI port which will also allow video/audio transmission to a much larger display if needed. CALISTA will provide 2D 3D flash,content creation and content management for the clients

Full HD 1080p
CALISTA Digital Signage player supports 1080P video decoding HDMI all-digital high definition multimedia output Video playback up to 1080p resolution connects high-definition TV via HDMI interface. Supports HDMI 1.3 digital audio/video interface, supports 720(50/60Hz)/ 1080i(50/60Hz)/ 1080P(50/60Hz)

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