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What we do

Excellence in performance, our USP. If you reach Calista, reaching your target market segments is a piece of cake. The extensive range of our display product line offers you a rich set of options from which you can choose the best suited digital display solution that is just right for your business and purpose.

We offer our customers the choice of selecting either the branded products or the ones specially customized for them. Our fabrication team works round the clock to deliver the right design based on our costumers display specifications and all our products are of superb quality. Our engineers are highly experienced and are capable of offering component level servicing.

Calista always maintains a healthy inventory of all spares required to ensure on time solution delivery to our clients.

All our products are continuously evolving ones so as to incorporate the latest technologies. We value our customers' feedback and make sure that new features get added to our products as and when needed.

We offer:
  • Branded LCD Panels
  • Customized LCD Panels
  • Fabrication of LCD Panels
  • Dynamic Digital Display
  • Hardware
  • Content
  • Interactive Display (Touch Screen).
  • Display Panels and touchscreen Rental

We present our customers what they need. Be it a branded LCD display panel of a standard size or a custom made LCD display panel of special features that you require, we deliver what you need, that is in tune with your individual business requirements and your specialized unique specifications. Our products and services cover a varied kind of sectors that integrates emerging technologies and optimum service systems.

Digital Display

We supply LCD digital display products and services to almost all major industry verticals. Driving the intended information to the intended target is easy and effective with digital displays.

Dynamic content and interactivity increase the benefits from LCD displays manifold. Networked digital displays offer you a centralized way to enhance your information broadcast and a common control to customize the information dynamically-on the fly-from a single point. Interactivity encourages your target audience's participation thereby bringing you instant response.

We supply you everything that you require for a performing digital display solution package. On request, we also help you design and create the content for your digital displays.

We cater to:
  • Schools
  • Banks
  • Shopping Malls
  • Bus station / Railways / Airports
  • Exhibitions/ Events
  • Corporate conferences / Workshops
  • Entertainment industry

Calista Advantage

Surpassing your expectations, Calista always presents you an excellently performing digital display solution matching your requirements and fulfilling the intended purpose.

We source from some of the best places across the globe. Our cutting edge technology products meet strict international quality standards ensuring flawless performance.

Our fabrication team has the expertise and the experience to offer you tailor- made LCD displays as per your specifications. From the look and feel of the digital display product to its functional elements to support applications and dynamic content we fabricate every element of your signage in such a way that it blends with your corporate identity and marketing strategy.